[pdx.st] Meeting Tuesday, Jan 28

Martin McClure martin at hand2mouse.com
Sun Jan 26 21:58:30 PST 2014

The list is dead, long live the list.

Sometime between our September meeting and last Friday, the Dreamhost 
that had been hosting the pdx.st mailing list disappeared. This had been 
set up by the group's founder, Dane Jensen. He's been busy with 
non-Smalltalk things for several years, so the pdx.st domain 
understandably didn't get much attention.

After finding that the old host had disappeared, I contacted Dane, and 
he promptly agreed to point pdx.st at a server that I run. So there's a 
new list, with the same address as the old list, and the new list sent 
you a welcome message a little bit ago.

We *are* having a meeting this Tuesday. A message went out (not through 
the list) to those of you who had posted in the last year on Friday, and 
several folks have said they'd be there this Tuesday. For the rest of 
you, that message is repeated below -- please respond if you think you 
can be there on Tuesday or if you have a topic you'd like to speak about.




Friday's message:

Next Tuesday is the last Tuesday of the January, and it's actually not
New Year's Eve, or too close to Thanksgiving, or a day when several
regulars are off in Argentina.

So we should have a meeting, perhaps?

I could be there. Who else is up for a meeting?

Andrew, do you want to host? If not, I can host at GemTalk.



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