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Mon Jul 27 09:09:16 PDT 2020

Watch the recording of our latest online event and find out what's new with Instantiations.

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While we're still rapidly moving towards our VAST 2021 release, I wanted to share some other recent developments.

** Recording of OS Process Event

Instantiations would like to thank our customers, the Smalltalk community, and other attendees for the great turnout and the excellent questions that were asked during this online event.

For those that couldn't attend, the recording is available to watch on YouTube. If you have any questions about this upcoming framework, please reach out to us at: info at instantiations.com (mailto:info at instantiations.com) .

Watch it on YouTube > (https://youtu.be/uwEu_-tflKg)
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** Early Customer Access Program (ECAP)

ECAP gives customers access to pre-release versions of the VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk). Start using new features earlier, and provide feedback to help improve the next version before release.

Watch for announcements of the first VAST 2021 ECAP release coming in about 2 months.
More about ECAP > (https://www.instantiations.com/ecap/)

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** Now Available: Tonel v1.1 for VAST

Tonel for VAST is software that enables Git usage for the VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk). Whether you're still on v1.0, or haven't worked with Tonel yet, it's worth taking a look.

Start using Tonel > (https://github.com/instantiations/tonel-vast)
AWS and VAST side-by-side screenshot

** AWS Toolbox for VAST

Many VAST applications are already using cloud-based services, and this early version of the AWS Toolbox for VAST can make things even easier. Keep an eye on this repo for future updates, or get involved and contribute to the codebase!

Learn more > (https://github.com/vast-community-hub/aws-toolbox-vast)

Sunit test code screenshot

** Sunit Extensions

Sunit tests can be an extremely valuable tool for testing your code. At this point, this repo allows unit testing for graphical user interfaces (GUIs). If you don't currently use this tool, you should try it out.

Learn more > (https://github.com/vast-community-hub/sunit-extensions-vast)
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** TensorFlow for VAST

Get started with machine learning on VAST! The TensorFlow bindings for VAST have been recently updated for Tonel usage.

Learn more > (https://github.com/vast-community-hub/tensorflow-vast)

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** VAST Community Hub

If you haven't already taken a look, you can find some great community-made software here.

Alternatively, you can make your own software for VAST and share it with the community!

Find it on GitHub > (https://github.com/vast-community-hub)

Through community support, customer collaboration, and new product developments we aim to serve our customers better.
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